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Sunday School

At Windsor Baptist Church, we don’t see Sunday School as a babysitting time, but, instead, as a vital opportunity to help every person in attendance to grow in their faith and understand better what God tells us in His Word.

During the Sunday School hour, Windsor Baptist Church has relevant classes for each age group that attends.

From the Nursery to the Adult Class, every class is intended to focus on what the Bible teaches.

The setting for each class is that of a Bible Study, and is taught by members of the church who have prepared by seeking God’s Will in what they teach.

Sunday Morning Worship Service

We believe that our God is alive and well. He is a living Saviour, and we worship Him with an attitude of victory and thankfulness! The congregation joins in singing several of the great hymns found in the old-fashioned song book. It’s not uncommon for folks to lift a hand in worship or lift an extra word of praise to God during the song service. Our Lord is worthy!

Special music is presented by a variety of church members to enhance the services. These are also inspiring songs that will encourage you and bring honor to Christ.

Prayer is a major part of the services. We believe that God does answer prayer. Meetings are opened in prayer, and many times special prayer requests of our church family are offered during the service.

God’s Word has the answer to every problem we face. We believe that the Bible Preaching is the most important part of every service. God’s Word has the power to comfort, correct, instruct and edify in any situation. Our preacher, Pastor Wynn, has committed his life to practicing and promoting the old-time religion. We make no apology for preaching the truth in love.

At the end of the preaching, Pastor Wynn gives an invitation. This is a time for many to respond to the Holy Spirit and make a life-changing decision by walking down the aisle and praying at the altar. A decision may be to trust Jesus Christ as Personal Saviour or to become a better Christian. Whatever your decision may be, the altar is open to you to join the others who are making decisions for Christ.

Sunday Evening Service

Here at Windsor Baptist Church, we believe that every service is of vital importance. Therefore, our Sunday Evening Services are many times even more vibrant and energetic than our Sunday Morning Services. They are Spirit-led and Spirit-filled. The music is powerful and the preaching is fiery. We also hold to the fact that worship of GOD is of utmost importance. We do not want people to go through their week having never once stopped to actually worship almighty GOD. During this service, we give everyone the opportunity to kneel before GOD and worship Him for what He has done and how amazing He is.

Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer Service

This mid-week service is also of vital importance to the life of the believer. It follows the same basic format as the others with this exception; a time during the service is set aside for those in attendance to share prayer requests then to pray together taking these requests to the Lord. Because we pray together while petitioning our God for our needs and sharing our thoughts with Him, Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting is one of the highlights of the week.

Sunday School: 10:00 AM | Sunday Morning Worship: 11:00 AM | Sunday Evening Service: 6:00 PM | Wednesday Bible Study & Prayer: 7:00 PM

664 Academy Court, Windsor, CO 80550